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2011-09-22 - 4:10 p.m.

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I used the opening of Ravel's Toccata from Tomb de Coup for a piece which I have sent to Gilbert - he may think it s too tame. I have been posting single tracks to FB - from the lower half of the list. I am going to Bham tomorrow on an early coach. The bear played the Trees' Sallt FnE which really impressed me. I am nearly at the end of the 2nd draft of the Dante Sonnet. Something Else arrived at last and I have played it through twice - the new and old slieve notes are useful. It reads as if this is the first time that Miles and Cannonball recorded together. It comes before the 1958 recordings and includes Love for Sale which appears on that later recording. I discovered that Autumn Leaves was written by a Hungarian who had studied composition with Bartok. It is linked to a French film which appeared in 1946. A tooth fell out today.

I have arranged with Bette how I can fit in the next Open Mike Nite at Gt Miss. This means I have to sharpen up Indiana/Donna Lee and Four. I still haven t decided what gtr I will use. Next Friday I am going to hear Cathy B sing in a Puccini 1 act opera in Fulham. There s also the Jazz Market on Wednesday and Oxford on Tuesday. The Louys book has arrived - even though it s in French it looks very inspiring. The bear pulled up SS7 again - I think he has a point - it s a memorial to my flute playing.

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