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2011-09-21 - 8:12 a.m.

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Another piece derived from Debussy's 1st Arabesque which I sent to Gilbert. I pushed the 2nd draft of the Dante sonnet on a stage further. I recorded a run through of Autumn Leaves.

In mid afternoon I set off for Twickenham and met Derek at the station at 4.30pm amid crowds of teenagers from the nearby college. We walked to Twickenham Green and the Sussex Arms - an Edwardian pub - and sat in the garden drinking one of their speciality bitters. Joanne, Danny, Jake and Ella arrived. I hadn t seen Joanne for decades and I hadn t met Danny, Jake and Ella before - their daughter and grandchildren.

The Sussex Arms has an enormous variety of draft beers and as we were leaving an informal jam was kicking off - two guitars, mandolin and banjo. I d like to revisit to see if it is this much fun every night.

Roy Harper sang Another Day on Later.

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