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2011-09-19 - 5:29 p.m.

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The promotion pulse has shot Paul W to no17 in the RN Global Hot Songwriters' Chart. This will be transient but I must say I enjoy a high billing even so. More fans have come in today. Gilbert rolled back to Sibelius 6 and to celebrate he put down a line for Five One which is top of the Widget here. I have sent him two pieces which abuse Debussy's first Arabesque - perhaps with influence of Chicago Deep House. There were exchanges with R Chapman on FB and I found an article about Stravinsky and the octonic scale.


Suzanne Vega posted something about drinking coffee. I had a tweetblitz on the subject of innovation and manufacturing and I wrote up the next article for the IF site. I was listening to a Jango stream which played in quick succession Carole King and the Carpenters which prompted me to repost the links to FB.

I am having some ideas about how to present Indianna/Donna Lee - besides the rusty clawhammer and the classic line - I could do a rhythm part and a single string improv. That might almost be too much. I have found a way of playing Four at a decent tempo as well as the rubato approach. It will soon be time to take my periodic walk to the Polish Shop.

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