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2011-09-18 - 5:06 p.m.

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I fished the music to Deux Arabesques out and started to look it over. I like the start of the first one especially. I learned that appearing in 1888 they are very early examples of musical impressionism. I can t find the Robert Young electric folk book to check over the Trees first album. Yesterday having posted Red Blues onto the Seachanges page I mailed out the Tunepak extensively with the result that there were 80 plays. I was surprised by the number of new fans that turned up. I think perhaps RN have a page where they post links to recently added music.

Today I have decided that maybe it is time to disconnect the sonnet tune from the chords I had been working on. I just have the first four lines notated. I didnt think much of the Woody Allen film last night. I have had a certain harmonic idea for part of the intro to Autumn Leaves and today I developed that into a piece for clarinets piano and beats - it has gone to Gilbert. IT is playing up in Bruges and I think Gilbert has to go back to the old version of Sibelius. Ruth mailed about meeting up with Margaret and me. I mailed to Ann-Marie to see where she is gigging with her sax and gtr duo. Mark P talked about his wonderful new mastering box - maybe it could be used on Red Blues? Chris - Paul's producer - said that RB had found its way onto Spotify - I didnt get very far with trying to trace this.

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