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2011-09-17 - 11:21 a.m.

Band website hosting

The Widget above has a newly posted Paul W album at the start - Red Blues.

I was wondering whether it was possible to play the first piece of A Love Supreme on gtr and that led me to a reasonably priced transcription of the whole sax part on the album - which I have ordered - given that it helped me pass my finals paper in Ethics and Aesthetics. The Dante line needs more work which maybe I will give it today - it goes 8/3/3. Still thinking about the Conspirators. Naomi in Medellin is 60 today. It is also Open House Day in London. Gilbert has got his Sibelius working properly - no response from the Wire. I have written to Joachim in Kentucky about lean and MRP. I am listening to the Jango EBTG which is suits the mood well.

I am still working on the arrangement of Four and have some new angles. I have been looking into Eddie Cleanhead Vinson and it is quite believable that he wrote it rather than MD - which is the theme more or less of my next OMN set. I have also traced that Donna Lee is based on Indianna which was recorded by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band circa 1917. I have a rusty clawhammer version of this down. I am going to Bham once next week - not twice as appeared likely last week. Rollercoaster off Amplified Heart is a delight with D Thompson on acoustic bass, the congas and the oboe. I thought so the first time I put it on and whenever I hear it now.

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