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2011-09-16 - 5:40 p.m.

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Mika sent me a link to Slow Train Soul who have nu-jazz influences - I am listening to what they offer on Grooveshark. I have been working on the Dante sonnet setting - I am getting to the end of the first draft. I have been using a sequence derived from Four which is on my list for my next OMN. I have been arranging it and practising Autumn Leaves - all on the U2 which I really like the sound of just now. The Trees first album has arrived which is impressive esp in terms of the arrangement of the songs.

Last night we went to see Havel's Conspirators at the Orange Tree in Richmond. It is an original production and the first time it has been seen in the UK. It was the first piece he wrote after he was banned following the Soviet invasion of Chzecko. He says it was hard work and he doesnt actually like the piece. My cousin David's wife, Claire was in it - as the wife of the Prosecutor, a comic role. It is set in an imaginary country post revolution and a set of characters are wondering whether to mount a coup to save the revolution's core values in the face of a possible return of the overthrown dictator. It is quite farcical/burlesque and none of the characters have many principles. We had a drink with Clair afterwards and I mentioned that I had found a 1973 copy of Sight and Sound with a review of Dont Look Now - this was the last play that I saw her in.

I have sent Gilbert the piece based on the MD lines. He is still having a bit of grief getting his OS straight. I have also finished the Food article

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