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2011-09-15 - 11:07 a.m.

standalone player

I am a bit hazy today - after Microsoft and the Jazz Market yesterday evening. To practice for the JM I turned up the pages of MD's II V I lines and ended up making a piece out of them in the Sony software. On the tube to Camden I finished the R Williams book on MD - to be recommended. There were 2 new bands - Grooveguru with flute, pno, bs and drums who were OK and Birdarchitects who were great. Ba have electric violin with fx, ts/ss, bs and drums - no gtr or keys. They say they play punk jazz and started in the 1980s - all sounds great to me - four equal voices. They seem to know who I am at the JM. Last night's jam wasn't changes but was more grooves. I think it was my best playing so far at JM. I met Stefan from Prague who also used to play flute and his gf who had been working with D Hurst but is going off to India. I also had a quick word with the bs player of Gguru to learn she was playing Fender Mustang bass - not that common in jazz rock. Earlier I had a talk to Derek Ridgers and we agreed to meet in Twickenham next Tuesday. I think I ll probably send the latest piece to Gilbert today.

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