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2011-09-13 - 9:43 p.m.

Band website design

Today I went to Microsoft in Victoria for a launch of their new ERP software - I was there to learn. They had two good case studies from the food sector and I also met some of the independent firms who sell and instal the software. When I was in DTI I was involved with the forerunner software approach and so I have a crude idea of what this is all about. On the way I delved into Margaret's book from the late 1990s and I have just mailed her with a few questions.

I have been thinking about the next time I get to the OMN - whether I will keep up the MD theme. I think I will and indeed I have decided on most of the tunes and a theme. I ordered Something Else today - this is Canonball and Miles with a different rhythm section - and it opens with Autumn Leaves - a tune that is on my list. The arrangement approach is pretty well there in Bminor.

At Brill we had a long discussion on Deb and Bilitis - I need to go back to the recording I have from the 1930s. I have found a free download of the score and I have ordered the massive Fr original text from Amazon.

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