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2011-09-12 - 10:06 p.m.

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This weekend I was in Brill with P & B. Last night was the Gt Miss Open Mike Night. A lot of musicians turned up to play and I got a chance to do the 3 tunes I planned - Berkeley Sq, Foggy Day and Quiet Nights. I was less nervous than the first time I played this event. Dusty Dunsterville was playing when we arrived - a Crafter SA into a little modern Roland Cube in a jazz-blues style - with a second guitarist - it turns out that he runs a blues club near High Wycombe. Another new performer had a very good line in filthy but funny songs. The evening was completely overtaken by a Chinese violinist who played like she was a rock lead guitarist. I got home about 6.00pm today and Margaret's book on inquiries had arrived. I also ordered the Trees first album. I have had a few ideas about the tunes I might do next and also about the setting of the Dante sonnet.

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