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2011-09-05 - 4:23 p.m.

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There are six new pieces at the top of the Widget above. Yesterday I downloaded a trial version of Acid Music 7 from the Sony site. It worked perfectly well and I was able to put together tunes very rapidly - with a feeling of lots of fun using the various powerful tools that the software contains such as the groove Chopper. When my laptop returns I must try to load the software from the disc and if this doesnt work nag the the Sony Technical Support people until they have fixed it. So typical of IT - today I can t get the memory stick to be recognised by the laptop - the stick where I have put Acid Music 7 and the pieces worked on yesterday. I have written 500 words on the food sector and despatched them to Andy and Ross. I am listening to Britten's Cello Symphony. I have started to think about the meeting on Thursday. I am still developing a piece which started on the Dhorn - it has now moved across to the U2.

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