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2011-09-01 - 8:46 p.m.

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The Britten Ovid music arrived today. I think I might get somewhere with it. I let the bear take over the aural environment and he pulled a Miles version of Stella by Starlight which I didnt quite recognise - I jammed this tune at the Jazz Market recently. It seems it may have come from the Miles 1958 album which also contains OGDS - eventually I tracked down an impressive offer of a boxed set of 5 Miles albums including 1958 all with original covers for just 12. There are 2 Gil Evans albums and Milestones which are all first rate plus Round Midnight which is his first album for CBS - this contains the Stockholm tune which is arguably Miles' first modal excursion. I would probably pay 12 for the original release of 1958 which mixes the studio and live sessions - the 90s Japanese reissue which was hitherto the only version on offer dropped the live sessions. The bear also pulled up a track off Rounding the Dhorn which I hade quite forgotten about and I thought was quite passable with the 2 Dhorn lines. He also pulled up Fotheringay's The Way I Feel which is really good - some cracking lead by Gerry Donahue which gives R Thompson a run for his money - followed by D Crosby's Lee Shore plus Free's Heartbreaker. Later HnO She's Gone - well done bear.

The man has called for my broken laptop - I got old the beat up SONY laptop and quickly discovered why I had given up on it. But I did notice that it had a version of Acid Music on it which was linked to the Minimoog and ARP softsynths - those must have been the days. Andre Henriquez mailed a new tune- I usually like his quirky Brazillian approach. I discovered that John Renbourn and Wizz Jones are doing the Ullapool Gtr Fest in October - tempting.

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