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2011-08-22 - 7:51 p.m.

Band website design

I suddenly fell back into Jackson B - I saw there was an album two concerts of his from the late 70s which is tempting. Amazon still hasn t delivered Britten Op93 which is irritating. I have also ordered Teyte singing Billitis - she has a very interesting bio - and today I realised that my Britten SQ2 is missing and so I ordered the Naxos Britten SQ 1 & 2 so at least I can work through them. I played a great CD on Stravinsky SQ works and two of the Pole Szk etc.

Today I also listened to the Debussy pno - 2 pnos and 4 hands. It s a great CD. The Epigs sounded brilliant but there was also the Petite Suite part of which I have performed. I looked out the G Evans intro to So What and started to learn it on gtr. The next set looks like Quiet Nights, Berkely Sq and a Foggy Day. The turnaround of FD is developing nicely. I also listened to some of the Bartok 44 violin duets - I can see some plunderfonix on the horizon. Paul W mailed about poetry and music. I wrote to James McG and to Ann-Marie the tenor/tmb player.

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