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2011-08-15 - 10:52 p.m.

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I went to Brill on Sunday afternoon and met Bette at the park n ride. As we set off for Great Miss we listened to the Prom and R3 and caught the start of Britten Op 69 - Cathy was singing it in the BBC Singers. I really liked the string 4tet element and today I ordered the CD, There were quite a few people at the open mike night that I knew - Yvonne and Paul with his current client. The system is that you sign in to play. I had brought a small Park amp from Brill and I was in two minds whether to use this or plug into the PA. In the end I went for the PA option which may not have been the right choice. I have realised how much the Roland 20 watt is part of my sound.

I went through my prepared piece on the history of OGDS before playing it - a bit on MFV and rather more on So What. I got the impression that the audience liked having some context for the music. I was actually quite nervous about playing the gtr - and this didnt subside as I moved through the three pieces. I played Careless Love as a 4th piece. I am starting to think of other ways of bracketing 3 pieces - possibly tunes about London for example. I am wondering about using the nylon string electroacoustic next time.

Today Paul was working with his client at Brill. I spent the morning running the IF Twitter stream. The three of us went out to lunch where it emerged that the client works in an area which is quite close to what IF does. Paul gave me a lift to the park n ride at the end of his afternoon session - he has a further session this evening making it a very intensive process.

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