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2011-08-13 - 11:18 a.m.

standalone player

I am getting into Frou Frou - the stories IH tells. Her partner on the album is said to be post-dance. I have put some time into the 3 gtr solos and I feel they are coming up. I wonder whether the house PA in Gt Miss has any reverb?

There s a new trick in Acid Xpress where you can set the time grid to eccentric measures like 7/8. Of course there are no drum loops in that time but you can cut them back to fix the time grid. I have sent several tunes to Gilbert. The aerospace article is up on the site here.


The next topic is VDA 6.3. I have been discussing with PW putting one of his albums - Seachanges - on RN - now I have to do the work. I think Rob n Wendy are in Switzerland.

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