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2011-08-11 - 12:50 p.m.

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The Frou Frou album has arrived but is more different from her solo stuff than I had exepcted - B Eno is involved in some tracks. I have made mp3s of MFV and OGDS and mailed them around. MFV I processed in Cubase and added too much grunge but I mailed it anyway. It needs to be a bit more fluid but I hope I well get a bit more of that. OGDS is obviously the one I have been practising more. So that has meant I havent done any new pieces. Gilbert is working hard this week. Didier came up with an interesting new vid but it wouldnt load properly into LFM. I have written the article but still dont know if it is approved. It is taking ages for our RN total plays to get to 5000. I wondering about a loop software offer from SONY.

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