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2011-08-04 - 9:23 p.m.

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I finished off a piece from yesterday, speeding it up. I took the mixdown into Cubase and added some overall effects - then I took that mixdown and blended it with the original mix. Gilbert seems to like the result. For a few pieces recently I have been playing around with harmonies from a scale which is symmetrical and uses a single step followed by a jump of three steps. It s a bit like the top of the melodic minor scale. I did a couple of pieces using the same basic set of notes from this six note scale and put it through different transpositions. I sent both to Gilbert suggesting he only chose one to develop. I also carried the approach over into a pentatonic motif but I haven t finished with that one yet.

The office asked me to start looking into a new topic - looks as if there s quality of material to draw on. I booked into an information day at BIS in the Autumn

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