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2011-08-02 - 7:34 p.m.

There was a mail from the Flat Time House about a new exhibition - I was going to the last one but didnt get there. I finished the two remixes - which are now in the Widget as Peckham Rie, the first tune, and Messager which is number 5. Do give them a try - in fact I really like the opening set of ten at the moment.

Working on OGDS I came up with a more quartal way of doing the main motif of the bridge. I took it this afternoon and tried to use it as the opening of a piece. The thing is quite long at the moment and so it needs to lie fallow. I have been told that I can t go to Wroclaw. There have been exchanges with Penny about business - the firm has suddenly become very curious about Exemplas who have just acquired a training company.

I have done a Tunepak for a change


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