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2011-07-28 - 12:57 a.m.

Band website design

We have a new video - here


This piece has a long history - it was one of the first where I used the Dhorn MIDI to put a line into Cubase. This is a remix - and has a wild gtr part from Gilbert.

Tonight I went to the pub to the right of the Palace theatre at Cambridge Circus where Platonic Curry were playing. The support band was doing a soundcheck when I arrived. They had a Polish singer, a young trumpet player who followed Clifford Brown, string bass and a drummer of around my age. I enjoyed their set a lot. The piano player could do that polytonal pentatonic McCoy Tyner thing - not all the time but he was good at it. Polish singer was quite expressionist.

Platonic Curry had a new bass player recently graduated in muisc from what older people call Ealing Art School - of historic importance, He had a very full technique. PC played well. I got into conversation with the mother of the gf of the sax player/leader of PC. She was very interested that I had brought the Dhorn - encouraged by Penny - the lead singer of PC - who said there would be jamming opportunities.

The final set was PC plus singers from the floor all of whom were surprisingly able. I was called to the stand for the final number of the night which was an original. I was offered an alto sax part in Eb to read except it was written in C. I had the Dhorn on 'Junior Walker' setting - I switched it to a semitone up and played in D using my busker's facilities. Luckily I lived to tell the tale.

My first time in front of an audience since 2006 at Nick Brown's memorial.

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