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2011-07-26 - 11:50 p.m.

I finished that piece today and mailed it to Gilbert. It was finished by stripping in back to its (attractive) essence - using the existing bass line and adding a bit of baritone sax at the end. Gilbert mailed back to say that he was coming back from France tomorrow. He hasn t been able to download any tracks in France because the signal isnt strong enough, I have been working a lot on GDS and it is gradually becoming very quartal - also the tune is changing for example in terms of register. I have offered to record the 3 instrumentals on the Zoom and mail them out as mp3s. The Lou Rhodes album arrived in very good condition considering I owned 2 for it. There is a booklet but it doesnt havethe words. It sounds very like LR but instead of being surrounded by EDM she is in the middle of acoustic instruments. I got Explorer working properly which is a great leap forward. I played through from 60 onwards in the Widget. I thought the music sounded OK.

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