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2011-07-25 - 7:14 p.m.

There s a tune that I put together at the weekend where I like the string and bass part but the beats and scratches aren t right. I have just let it lie - I can sort it tomorrow. I have been putting in some work on the gtr - esp on Green Dolphin Street. There is quite a lot of reharmonisation in my version which surprises me - but there you are. The set is going to be 3 MD related tunes - So What and MFV being the others. I have done MFV as a gtr solo before. So what is relatively simple and I am quite well practised at it. I have also been listening to J Martyn Radio on Jango.com

I have been asked to write an article on a rather technical topic - I did some searching around the issue today. I managed to get to the Polish shop but they were out of Bud so I bought a White Stripe for a change. I need to get round to shuffling the pack on the Widget. People have had very little incentive to listen in the last week. I mailed Keith Waters in Colorado to tell him that I thought he had written a brilliant book on MD. He mailed back to my surprise. He hadnt heard about the Autumn 67 tour boxed set - he said he would look forward to it.

I have ordered a Lou Rhodes album.

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