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2011-07-24 - 4:17 p.m.

standalone player

Robin mailed from LA - we haven t exchanged e-ms for some while. Also an exchange with Andrew K. I think I have finished another piece to the point where it should go to Gilbert - it is derived from that chord I have been writing about and also uses Avenger strings. I did some work on product strategy. Sue invited me to lunch next Friday. There is a Platonic Curry gig on Wednesday at Cambridge Circus. I have been listening to my EBTG compilation. Cathy B is doing a lunchtime gig at Red Hedgehog on 2 September - this is a new venue for me but it looks like a good thing - there s a performance of a Ligeti SQ coming up.

I have been working on the possibility of doing some electric guitar solos at the open mike at Great Missenden - I need to find out from Cleo when that is. I am thinking of doing 3 tunes associated with M Davis - no surprises there. The MD site has mailed about a boxed set coming out in September from the October 1967 tour of the 2nd great 5tet - the one I saw - recordings of 3 performances and a DVD of a further one for German TV - I can hardly wait.

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