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2011-07-22 - 3:05 p.m.

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I haven t done a lot since Monday and now it s Friday. I did manage to get to the Polish shop yesterday. Earlier in the week I did a piece quickly and easily using a 6 note scale - I had thought it might develop into a 9 note scale but this didnt happen. I have been thinking about a 4 note fourth chord with an augmented fourth at the bottom. If it is played on the top 4 strings of the guitar do the open A or E harmonise with it? Mostly one or the other or sometimes both do. There is a problem when the highest note is D# - going down it s A# F B . This can be a G chord or a C# or a B chord - maybe a G chord with a low E pedal is the best bet? Most of the other positions harmonise better - I started a piece based on those premises - using that chord and harmonising it with only a low A and E. I don t think it s finished yet. Bill Romey mailed today about the editing he is just starting on.

I have been listening to a lot of Imogen Heap - also Lamb5.

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