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2011-07-19 - 6:56 a.m.

Play Gigs

On Sunday Andrew K mailed asking whether I could do about a minute of bell-related sound in the key of D. I had three attempts and I thought they got better. I mailed all three to Andrew and he said that he thought that between the three he could get the sounds he needed. On Monday I had a go at taking them further mixing them with sine waves - I mailed a couple of drafts to Gilbert who is currently in the Auvergne. I listed to Cage's 16 Dances a couple of times and also to Free Fall which has J Guiffre, S Swallow and P Bley playing atonal and free music.

Monday evening I went to Boat-ting - the last evening until Sept 5. Mick Beck played tenor as did John Rangecroft. Dave Tucker was on stand-up bass miked through the PA and Phil Marks on drums. Mick told me afterwards that they had not played together before - I was very surprised as to me some of the music sounded composed. Mick also said that within the range of his technique he was playing 'in' rather than 'out'. To me the music reminded me of Mingus and also of the band S Pheasant and I had in our first year which was also two horns drums and bass - Horn. Everyone in the Boat-ting band was on top form and the set stormed along. The last set was from Hannah Marshall on cello - she played with Fred Frith at Cafe Oto in April. Kay Grant sang and Paul May played snare and hand-held cymbals. This was very delicate music. The first band was Fender Jazz Bass, guitar, drums and vocals - a very interesting guitar sound from a semi-acoustic.

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