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2011-07-14 - 6:47 p.m.

Band website design

Three new pieces at the start of the widget here - Gilbert and I rather like them. Yesterday I spent most of the day on the Birmingham Business Park. They have done the place up rather. Al presented in the morning - rather well. I caught the 5.20pm coach from Bham airport and got back to Heston by 8. The laptop has succumbed to a virus unfortunately and it s not responding to my usual method of recovery. Just goes to show it is best to get the material into the cloud as soon as possible. I also listened to tracks 60-80 on the widget which sounded OK too. I have finished the Andy Warhol book which is great. I studied the MD 5tet on the way up which still has loads to teach.

I have been listening to the middle CD of the EBTG compilation which has got more favourites on it than I remember, especially the first half. I am working over in my mind what I might do if I accept Cleo's invite to the open mike in Grt Miss. PCurry have announced an interesting gig in a pub on Cambridge Circus on 27 July - and Mick Beck is at Boat-ting on 18 July. I think there may be a jam opportunity on the 27th

I wrote an article today - on an automotive topic - using the great stock of other people's ideas which I have stored away over the weeks.

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