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2011-07-11 - 9:01 p.m.

I got back from Brill about 2pm - Gilbert had mailed three tracks and I mixed each of them and mailed them back. They are at the top of widget above and includes a new mix of Cathy on Frag3. Bette mailed me a link to a performance where Cathy B sings with Exaudi - it s the first item on this link.


I think you can hear her distinctive vocal sound in it - Cathy is the only person singing the lowest female part . It is Eotvos setting Schiller - he is a Hungarian who worked for a long time at IRCAM. I think you can hear some echoes of Pierrot Lunaire but that may be just me.

Cleo showed me some prints of her painting before I left Brill - I was very impressed with the level of skill and the stylistic vision. She trained at a South London artschool at the end of the 60s. Her work is beginning to home in on Bourton on the Water where she will be moving later this year.

At Brill there is a piano which is in tune enough to take the strange harmonies of the 2nd great 5tet. I was working on Vonetta which is the last tune on The Sorceror. This is a really specific moment in the evolution of the 5tet. Miles Smiles the previous album ios often seen as the summit. This may be true if you think the summit is freebop as a derivative of hardbop. Sorceror was recorded in Autumn 1967 just after I had seen them at Hammersmith. Nefertitti was recorded only about a month later and on that you can begin to hear the shift towards jazzrock starting. On Sorceror the tunes have changes but these changes are pretty wierd - almost like atonal music but not quite. I have been turning over in my mind whether there is any connection with the 6 Little Piano Pieces.

Now I m off to Birmingham on the coach.

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