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2011-07-07 - 9:25 p.m.

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I have been talking to Bill Romney about the possibility of using some GI/IC music as a soundtrack for one of his videos. I assembled the vocal track of the 3 frags vocal into a single track in Soundforge and started to equal out the levels. Then I took it into Acid Xpress and started to orchestrate. The first layer is something I created on the Minimoog earlier - using a sequence of just two notes and a slightly eccentric rhythm. I also recorded some Dhorn into Acid Xpress via the soundbox - there was a bit of fiddle on the levels but it went OK. Some beats and some processed vocal also joined the party - I added a light global reverb back in Soundforge. I sent the mix to Gilbert and Paul - Gilbert said he liked it. I wonder how long one can go on re-mixing the frags? It s not that one will run out of ideas. By the way getting Cathy to sing at 60bpm works well in fitting grooves postfacto.

Jenny Preger may be organising a happening - only time will tell. The Imogen Heap stream on Jango is good fun - it even threw up From the Morning out of the blue which was nice (as the joke used to be). Then Feist who is always a favourite with me these days - she is a bit of a remixer.

Later I started with the Minimoog on one of those minimal sequences - I moved onto Acid Xpress and added some beats and some etc. I mailed it to Gilbert - a six minute piece that manages to get under RN's limit thanks to AX. Gilbert mailed to say he thought it was funky and I replied that that was not my intention. I tried again but my luck had run out for the day.

Keep on trying the Widget - we may have settled at 110 in the London Alternative Charts on RN.

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