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2011-07-05 - 12:41 p.m.

Band website design

Arthur C Danto's book on Warhol arrived today - according to the cover it is brilliant. It won't take long to read unfortunately. Our band equity perked up on RN - it has been falling from a peak in early April and I am not that sure why there has been a respite. We have put a lot of new pieces up but that isn't a particular novelty and anyway I am not sure we are going through a very audience friendly phase. I have been invited to the works early on 12 July. This will take some logistic planning. On Sunday night C4 screened Unrelated which has a fabulous rep for a first film. I got half of it and I could see the Rohmer parallels. Bonnie Meadow and Janine Carter mailed from the US - in different ways they are fairly jazz inflected. I put the chords of Sorceror up in Acid Xpress as a practice aid.

The original album of the Sorceror ends with Vonetta which is a brilliant piece. The 75th anniversary remaster sticks 3 extra pieces after Vonetta which spoils the unity of the album I think. I opened up the Minimoog and recorded a minimally minded thing from the sequencer and then elaborated it in Cubase before sending it to Gilbert. This morning I have taken in further in Acid Xpress. I like the sound of what I call the Avengers' strings on -5+5 which is track 12 in the widget above.

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