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2011-07-02 - 6:05 p.m.

Gilbert mailed 5 tracks early on today. One was linked to a gtr track of mine which had to be rejected because it was out of tune. Gilbert's track went onto something else. At least two of the other tracks have an acoustic guitar part - something that hasn't been heard for a while. The music is quite delicate in parts. There is one bigbeat piece which is quite slow at 70 bpm. The new pieces are at 5 7 8 and 9 in the widget above and the titles are Drone Bee, Dr 4 and Dr 2 and the beat music is called -5+5. Do give them a try.

In the KG book about Cage he goes through all the elements that helped inspire 4m 33s and it is a long list. Paul W mailed about Bon Iver and Vetiver so I loaded them up on Grooveshark. I mailed him a J Browne track from the live acoustic album. Glad to see that Andrew is getting results with the ambient tracks. I watched Blue Car last night which is yet another filmic qualification of the reliability of poetry. One of the issues KG goes into is Cage's ideas about form and structure in percussion pieces. The harmonies from The Sorceror went into the final piece today. It has ended just as duo between piano and synth at the start of the Widget as an overture to the 3 frags - it s called Subside.

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