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2011-07-01 - 10:58 p.m.

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Yesterday I finally got round to playing the album The Sorceror while reading through the commentary. I ended up listening to the version that Herbie Hancock recorded for Blue Note - I have a full transcription of the piano part. Then I gradually committed the chord sequence to memory on guitar. Today the idea occurred that I should use the chord sequence but in a different format. There s a drum and synth sonority that I have already used that I would like to try using those chords. The logic behind the sequence is slightly non-standard.

Today I went up to an office block in the forecourt of Euston Station for a seminar on EC R&D funding for railways. The first presentation was by the head of surface transport research in the Commission and was well worth the journey. The subsequent presentations were less worthwhile and so I left after the coffee break but I had chatted to a couple of interesting people along the way and also eaten a free lunch. The journey home was disrupted by a signal failure on the District Line and I ended up taking a slow bus from Gunnersbury. But at least I made good progress with Gann's book on Cage. I have ordered another book from the same series - Arthur C Danto on Andy Warhol.

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