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2011-06-28 - 7:20 p.m.

Band website design

Yesterday I spent a few hours with the Dhorn linked up to the laptop. My eye has been caught by the Akai USB EWI which is based around a softsynth. I didnt get the Dh to talk to Cubase but it did fine with Acid Xpress. I sent Gilbert a couple of versions of a line. I also used Acid Xpress to sketch something I had been doing with the guitar in the maj7+5-5 department. I played with this a lot - adding some Dhorn lines - but I decided to leave it for a day. Today I went back to the original Xpress version and tweaked slightly before sending a mp3 to Gilbert. I have discovered that the envelope that Xpress picks up from the Dh is MIDI aftertouch. In fact the envelope can be simplified or removed quite easily. It seems that the windpressure in the Dh mouthpiece is read as aftertouch.

The firm have issued a new website - http://www.industryforum.co.uk/ - I think it looks fine. Someone phoned up today and invited me to lunch at the IoD. There was also a call from someone I had sent the website link to. There were a couple of e-ms from Karol in Sri Lanka on innovation skills. Have I mentioned that Andrew K thinks the Bm drone will do - that s a bit of luck. I have moved some pieces around in the widget above - it s still the 3 Sappho frags, 4 recent instrumentals and then a mixture. I ended up on Jango's Jefferson Airplane stream which I must confess sounded extremely good.

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