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2011-06-27 - 12:34 p.m.

I woke a bit too early. Gilbert was at work early and mailed about the tracks I sent him yesterday - he too prefers the second gtr track. Andrew K mailed to say the B drone fitted the bill. I tried to think about Cmaj7+5-5 before breakfast but didnt get that far - the notes are C E F# G# B. As Molesworth would have said - Any fewl can see that this is a So What chord. Indeed it is a So What chord over a tritone to provide the key centre. If the So What is moved down to D - F# D A E and the C held as a pedal, the notes are even more an extended C major chord or indeed a D9. I had also persuaded myself that a E9 over a C might do the job.

I decided to give the bear a shot and he came up with Sweet Little Mystery which I hadnt heard for a while - also Five Fathoms. The bear also played SS7 - I am wondering whether the Short Stories deserve their own RN page - I think they are less abstract than what we are doing now. Then Lamb for whom I retain a soft spot.

It s a funny thing but C7#9(no 5th) is a substitute chord for Emaj7+5-5 while a full C9 chord is a substitute for an Abmaj7+5-5.

I have shuffled the tunes that come after Sappho and after this week's new tunes. See widget above.

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