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2011-06-26 - 10:28 a.m.

stand alone player

There are three new pieces in the Widget here - at places 5 6 and 7 - 555, Fifthsagainagain and Dhorn One, Something funny happened to the laptop when I was recording a guitar part for Gilbert on it. The audio regime completely reversed - from one where only Cubase would play through the external soundcard to one where Cubase was the only thing which wouldnt. The audio stream from the internet, Sound Forge and Acid Xpress now all sound through the soundcard. Chris Wallis mailed me about his production on Radio 4. it was a 2 episode adaptation of the Hireling and sounded very good indeed. The next episode was today at 3pm. The story was quite racey.

Andrew K mailed about a new piece of ambience with key centre B. I see Imogen Heap has a version of The Pursuit of Happiness which I had as a Weekend Players tune. I went through a few older J Browne tunes on Grooveshark to see if the Naked Ride Home is progress or the same old themes. A lot of opinion goes for the latter. I did some more 2nd5tet harmonies and used the American Clean and e-piano rotary on them from Cubase and sent them off to Gilbert. I think I prefer them to the first lot. Chris mailed to say he hadnt seen the early 70s film of the Hireling. He reminded that P Simon was on Glasto. I also caught some Laura Marling.

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