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2011-06-24 - 6:04 p.m.

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Japanese Dream Pop? Well definitely East Asian. I have been listening to Swissy who sings and plays the guitar and probably writes the songs. She says that many people think she sings like Harriet Wheeler and I can see why the comparison is made. She is an agile soprano and likes extended harmonies. She is on Youtube but Amazon UK has only one copy of her album - for 50. She isnt even on Amazon.com.

Talking about extended harmonies - I have spent most of the day on and off trying some additions to the organ (ish) track that got made yesterday. I had already added some things to it and sent a couple of mixes to Gilbert. Well today I was playing with some percussion looking for the sound I got on Massive but I didnt manage it and so I left it out in the end. I did a second line in Acid Xpress using tuba and then carried that into Cubase and added a brass mute and started cutting up the track and moving it around. I ended up having the original organ track quite far forward because I like the timbre so much and the muted tuba on the other side and further back. I thought it was worth adding to the versions I have already sent to Gilbert. He hasn t fed anything back yet. I haven t recorded any guitar yet but I am still thinking about it.

Derek said he had found a tape of me playing acoustic gtr in 1969 which doesn't sound too bad. I can't help but be curious.

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