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2011-06-23 - 4:33 p.m.

I have put the string version of Frag1 at the start of the Widget above. Then Frags 2 and 3. The recent piece 'Try One' and then the original mix of Frag1 and the new piece 'Massive'. Something Ettus said suggested this sequence. Jango's EBTG Radio came up with Jefferson Airplane's Coming Back to Me which sounded as good as it ever did. When I looked at the list of tracks of Surrealistic Pillow on Wikipedia it is no surprise that this was the first San Francisco band to break through. I saw them twice in 1968 and they certainly impressed me - this was at the time of Crown of Creation. I wrote something about 'quality' this morning. Jango also put up the Clouds version of Both Sides Now and then Morph the Cat by D Fagen.

I am wondering whether to record a guitar part - there s a set of chords I would like to make something of. I have found a fingering for E-5+5maj7 which crops up somewhere in the 2nd 5tet's ouevre. This chord is similar to a rootless C#m #79 13 that I have been using for a bit - and there's a rootless B7 quartal which fits OK. Really when you see how the MD 5tet did it you can't help wanting to try their stuff. I am getting there with a solo gtr version of Nefertitti which can join my solo of So What as my take on epoch making tunes. Not only is Nef the culmination of a frontline/backline switch it also gave Miss M the sound for Hejira.

Paul W mailed a set of tales

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