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2011-06-22 - 2:51 p.m.

Play Gigs

Yesterday I got to Fetter Lane before 8.30am and had to sit in the NESTA foyer for a bit. When we went up to their premises there was no breakfast as promised but at least there was coffee. The subject of the morning was more interesting than I anticipated - there were speakers from USA, Denmark and Paris as well as the UK. The middle part of the morning was devoted to discussion groups. I made just one contribution to the discussion but it seemed to go down OK. I also identified a Californian in my group whom I approached at coffee time to ask about lean startup. He was really helpful and knew which academics at which CA university had developed the idea. The final session of the morning was Q&A and I managed to pose a question to which no one knew the answer. I mailed Roy about this later and we agreed that it could be an opportunity. I met Karen from NESTA who does innovation policy and got her card and also subsequently linked on Linkedin. I also got talking to someone from Forum for the Future who had some interesting views on the global food situation. After lunch I walked down to Temple tube through the Inns of Court and past the round church. There was a fair amount of follow-up to do when I got back to the ranch.

Yesterday there were 89 plays on RN which is a good score. I mailed the RN list about Frags 2&3 of Sappho and also the old skool crew. I posted 'Massive' in slot 5 of the widget - this was developed from a bass line that Gilbert produced some time ago. I remixed it several times before settling on the version posted. I also tried recording the Dhorn on the Zoom - there was some key noise. I added some FX and sent the track to Gilbert.

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