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2011-06-19 - 1:39 a.m.

Music news

One new piece added at no 4 in the list just after the string mix of Sappho Frag1. This is a long piece which managed to creep under the 8MB limit by taking the form of a 16 bit mp3. There is some quite out piano in the middle of this piece from Gilbert which is built around a long Em drone using a synth patch from Cubase. Possibly some of this reflects the dip into ER's drone minimalism this week.

I left at about 5.15pm and managed to get to the Q-Club at the right time. Pete had just arrived. He ordered trout and I ordered turkey with a middle eastern twist. Charles and Andy turned up about 8pm - also Leslie. C&A were on stunning form. We were seated so as to get a good view of their fingers and a very clear sound from the amps. I asked Andy about his small amp head and he said there were many 100s of watts in there if needed. Charles had the JC70 as usual but at one point he switched on the chorus and very nice it was too. Chorus varies so much from application to application but I think this one is reknown. C&A had a lot of material I hadnt heard before. Pete bought a CD because he liked the music so much.

I went into the MD5tet Ch on ESP with the book, guitar and CD to hand - this was valuable but I need to spend more time on this. Looking ahead at the chapter on a later album I came across a 6 note chord with a G+ and Ab+ on top. This is a brilliant harmony which results from putting three major sevenths together eg Cmaj7 Abmaj7 and Emaj7. I can't wait to fool around with this.

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