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2011-06-14 - 12:47 p.m.

Band press kits

The Cathy Bell/Sappho project is at the start of the list in the Widget above. This is a first ranging shot on the first fragment. Yesterday I went to Cafe Oto for a lecture on Eliane Radigue a french electronic/minimalist composer. The lecture was given by Emmanuel Holterbach who has worked as ER's assistant for many years. ER is in London for the festival of her music but didnt want to attend the lecture. I am thinking of going to hear some of her stuff on Wednesday in Wren church in the City.

ER's career starts in the 50s when she worked as an assistant to Schaeffer. By the early 60s she was on the downtown/loft scene in NYC. She is friends with Lamont Young, Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley. Her work to my ears sounds most like LMY or maybe very early SR or TR. She used feedback a lot to start with and then got an ARP synth which was her mainstay for quite a long while. About 10 years ago she suddenly stopped electronics and switched to live instruments.

Today I am off to Oxford for a seminar on global higher education.

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