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2011-05-31 - 6:04 p.m.

Music press kits

There was a nice surge in the listening stats yesterday - I had mailed out to the oldskool friends and the RN list and also directed someone to this diary page. Looking back over the stats the turning point between going up the charts and drifting down came in the first week of April.

I finished ranking the set of food companies I have been looking at as I listened to the complete works of the Sundays. It doesnt take that long unfortunately and I began to wonder whether to write about the assumed persona of the vocalist. Other than that I have been listening to Django on various stations - e.g. Weekend Players, ETBG. After a while the set of artists on each station converges on 1995-2004 trip hop through the feedback I provide. I also listened to tracks 71-80 in the RN library wondering whether any of these deserved a higher ranking or possibly some other kind of treatment. On the RM stats you get a % figure against each track which indicates the extent to which listeners heard the whole track or gave up part way through. It struck me that it might help to have tracks at the beginning with a high% score.

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