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2011-05-28 - 5:12 p.m.

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There are five new tunes in this widget - Kinder Roundo Trinity Chime and Otherness. They are not all right at the front but dotted around the first twenty or so. Trinity is no 3 and Roundo no 6 - Kinder is no 10. Chime is 22 next to Chimes while Otherness is 31. I have brought a neglected tune - Tall - from near the end and put it at the front. I haven t written in the diary for a while. The Soundforge trial has ended and it also switched off my copy of SONY Music Studio. Luckily when I registered the paid for copy of Soundforge SMS came back. The new Soundforge comes with 1001 sound effects. This may not be a completely postive developnent.

The Harmony of Bill Evans arrived during the week. It works by going into various of his compositions in some depth. Luckily the first two I have looked at have been easy to find on Grooveshark. The recommendation is that one learns the tunes in every key - it's quite steep but I know from a long time that it does a lot of good. A lot is made of rootless chords. I have been looking at about eighteen food companies for the firm which I have enjoyed. I am trying to work out which 50% deserve to make up a shortlist.

Rob and Wendy are back from Seattle - they never got as far as Vancouver. I am going to see them a week today.

So farewell then, Gil Scott-Heron.

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