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2011-05-23 - 4:57 p.m.

Paul W mentioned Jeff Beck and Imogen Heap so I looked up a vid of them at Ronnie Scott's which was excellent - and included a modern take on the blues. There was one track left from Saturday which we didnt use on Kool - I doubled it a major third up and added some industrial sounds fairly recklessly and then found a new synth bass tone to add a line with a bit more care and sent the result to Gilbert. I looked up the meaning of industrial on Wikipedia. Dead Robot Animals joined our fanlist on RN and Ettus wrote about Mick Beck. I wondered if the drum n bass from this morning's experiment might go further. My PC got heat-stroke. Two deliveries from Amazon arrived. One was the Hal-Leonard guide to post-bop piano. For just under 10 this covers the book and a CD which is very good value. Chapters cover individual pianists including Hhancock, K Jarrett, McCoy Tyner & C Corea The other was a copy of Soundforge for when the trial period runs out

I got round to recording some electric guitar and then editing and altering a little Soundforge - I used some of it in the drumnbass piece from this morning which is now called Roundo. I also used all of Roundo in a second piece called Startup which was built originally around the gtr part. I decided I would leave both Roundo and Startup until tomorrow.

Today's track - Kinder - is now no 7 on the list in the widget above.

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