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2011-05-22 - 1:53 p.m.

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The six new pieces are at the start of the widget above.

I tried EBTG radio on Jango.com and to be fair they made a good selection of EDM influenced songwriters between 1995 and 2005 in terms of people I already knew I liked. The new one on me was Frou Frou and Imogen Heap - reading more I found that IH has won a Grammy for excellence in engineering. I decided a Grooveshark exploration was needed. I mailed the 45 fans who are on the mailing list about the 6 new songs. As the mailing list increases the number of plays you get from each mailshot doesnt change much. I am surprised at this because whenever I get a mailshot from a RN artist I usually play the track within a day. There was a Mike White remix I listened to today for example. The Jango station offered Feist including some videos - I am nuts about her vids - she looks so sophisticated. News from Prof Z about kittenZ going back to the vets for probes which she didnt enjoy.

There is a piece that has been on the go for a couple of days about an augmented chord with an added ninth - a kind of wholetone chord. It resolves onto the minor69 (no root) and then that moves a tritone to the a dominant 7 #9. I have been playing these chords on the inside 4 strings of the guitar. There is a lot randon industrial noise too.

I watched Swimfan which started well but I thought it was a bit careless with the plot. I also watched Au Revoir which let logic go out the window as Denzel Washington went back in time to avert disaster.

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