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2011-05-21 - 12:32 p.m.

stand alone player

I spent the first four hours today mixing some parts that Gilbert did first thing today - now he's gone cycling. The result was that we put six more pieces into the library on RN. If you use the widget above then they are right at the beginning, the first six pieces - I think we are using more timbres but of course I still have my favourite instruments. At the current level of interest people only listen to the first 35 songs on the list - which leaves 55 rather adrift. I am beginning to wonder if there is another channel that the other older songs can be used on.

Paul B is back from Germany and he called last night. I couldn t think of a thing that I d done in the last fortnight since I had stayed at Brill - that is apart from working on AK's stuff and sending a few pieces to Gilbert. Amazon artfully mailed me info on a lot more Bill Evans volumes which led me to spotting a Hal Leonard book on Post-bop Piano which I ordered straight away and apparently they have despatched it.

I have a concern about how quickly I forget pieces - if you asked me which of my own pieces I was working on last week I couldn't tell you. Except I could say what musical area I was exploring.

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