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2011-05-20 - 12:04 p.m.

Music news

It seems the Bill Evans book has to come from the US so it will be a fortnight or so for it to arrive. I have also ordered Soundforge or its current equivalent, I discovered that Mick Beck is coming to Boat-ting on 18 July - he has the wrong date up on his site and so I mailed to sort out the right one. I would like to go and hear this. We have done quite well for fans this week on RN with a couple of nice pieces of feedback - we also went through 3000 total plays. I am listening to Jackson Browne today - I suppose this is nostalgia of a sort.

I have been writing some fast single note runs - for soprano sax or organ. I read about Red Garland's approach to block chording - in the right hand he would play the tune in octaves with an added fifth and in the the left he would maintain the harmony. I tried this with a little experiment - maybe I will get it to sound OK.

This is an album by Ettuspadix which I am enjoying at the moment.

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