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2011-05-18 - 6:50 p.m.

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I listened to more of ettus' Aspic album on jamendo.com which sounds really good even though I must have heard it about 6 times through. He wrote today explaining some of his musical background which is pretty wide ranging. The Bill Evans book didnt arrive. Colin Birchall mailed from St Ives and replied. A number of documents about management and leadership were published by the Kings' Fund - mostly about the NHS. I mailed some of this to Laurence and some to Bette. I discovered that there was an Australian film from 2001 called Things Behind the Sun - it sounds quite gloomy.

I sent a piece to Gilbert - it s a variant on the piece called Minor which has an industrial drum part. I found even more industrial sounds and started something with a drum and bass dialogue - and eventually a parallel organ and guitar dialogue at the same time. I need to wait and see if this viable.

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