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2011-05-14 - 1:42 p.m.

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The new pieces in the widget are Duo, Chapman, Bloomer and Neuron, taking the total up to 83. I tracked down part of RN where you could see how many plays each Tunepak had secured - there was definitely a peak around the beginning of April which ties in with mailing on LastFM and also with our highest position on the charts. Jango.com offer a service whereby you can target listeners who are known to like similar music to one's own. I wonder if there is any way to do this without paying them the $10? Jango is proving good fun - not least the MD 5tet radio. From time to time it asks you to rate new artists. It has played a lot of very inviting Bill Evans. I am trying to get more out of Myspace - they got me into Florence's page where there are about 9 songs including some remixes. Warpaint were on JHolland last night along with Brian Wilson who did California Girls - always one of my faves which they did very nicely esp the introduction. Andrew K mailed some mellotron parts.

Dr Z is in London on his way to Cairo and to meeting up with PussyZ. He has just been promoted to Professor and this morning he looked out the house where J Hendrix sadly died - what a busy life.

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