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2011-05-13 - 4:38 p.m.

It s a little widget day today. I have been playing around with Jango a bit - I tried the MD 5tet station which I thought was pretty good esp a steaming version of Afro Blue by the great Trane 4tet. I also gave a thumbs up to the Rob Frye Trio who play synthesizer jazz adventurously. Dr Z has been in Oxford which he enjoyed but he has been missing his cat. Mika mailed a picture of a lost gosling. Dr Z is going back to Cairo this weekend when he will link up with pussyZ again.

I tried the industrial kit from the DLS series of patches - it is full of strange sounds. I programmed some beats - not usually my thing - and added a bassline and some piano chords. As I was developing the piece I inadvertently dropped the drum pattern into the piano channel - and it sounded quite good. I have gone the other way in the past - taking a Handel bassline into a drum channel. Anyway I decided to keep it and I wrapped it up and sent it to Gilbert. I also came across a John MacL arrangement of Blue in Green which I mailed. On RN we are nearly at 2900 plays. Nicole Powers joined our Myspace site which was a pleasant surprise. Jango played Blue Trane from the album of the same name - which is very highly regarded

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