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2011-05-12 - 8:30 p.m.

iTunes get music on

I watched the film 'French Film' last night which was mildly amusing and a bit of a send-up. Today I sent a couple of pieces to Gilbert - both of which make use of items that I had prepared for AK's songs. I mailed AK a Mellotron sound from SONY which he thinks will suit an idea he has for one of the songs. I also mailed a part on spec for a third piece which I hadn't managed to crack. AK wrote some interesting stuff about the themes shaping this work and I replied. We are up to 2000 visits on RN although I am not sure how well we do at converting visits into plays.

I am still exploring The Sundays Radio on Jango. The scheduler has various ideas about what I might like - Beth Orton, Joan Osborne, k d lang, Miss M, Carole King, Joan Armatrading - maybe it has me typecast. It came up with Tupelo Honey which actually sounded pretty good. From time to time it throws up a new artist to see whether they get the thumbs up or not. It s not too much of an imposition and if you reject the artist it asks who you want to hear next.

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