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2011-05-11 - 3:38 p.m.

Platonic Curry has pulled out of the Good Ship gig tomorrow night because of a management disagreement. Just as well for me as a late night in the pub may not be the best thing for me just now. I have been listening to Anne Briggs and Sandy Denny on GS. Plenty of good tracks - I had forgotten about the great entry to the guitar solo on Nothing More - I am pleased to say I am friend with J Donahue on Myspace. The new piece - Tamer - is at no 5 in the list in the widget above. I have been adding some ambient sounds to Andrew K's forthcoming album. AK seems happy to get mp3s which makes the process simpler. Two songs are done and two are on the stocks. The material is very good and easy to work with. I also found an attractive collection of B-sides by the Sundays on their Myspace page. We have earned the status VIP Friends of the Group - who knows what that means? Try this one:

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