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2011-05-09 - 5:42 p.m.

A new tune at the top of the widget list - Tamer. The material at the start sounds quite radical to me.

I caught the train to Aylesbury on Friday and walked round to the Waterside Theatre which has only recently been built. I eventually met up with Julian and was posted to watch some of the vote counting. The aim is to spot when the counters make a mistake. I didnt manage this but a woman next to me spotted that a bundle of supposedly 25 votes only had 24. Bette and Julian had been managing part of the campaign in Aylesbury Vale and contrary to national trends they managed to increase the number of LibDem councillors on their patch. We celebrated in the pub at Brill that evening where Julian treated us all.

Paul mentioned that Cathy was interested in She Moves Through the Fair and so I asked Mark P where it came from. He suggested some leads - I looked up the some of the DG versions on Youtube and mailed a few links to CB. She was in the chorus at the recent Barbican production of Pelleas and Melisande - the first opera I bought on vinyl. At Brill I watched a programme about Screamadelica which was all new to me and I have linked GS up to it to explore it in more depth. Paul has flown out to Munich for 10 days this afternoon

Andrew K has mailed some good suggestions about how to develop musical ideas for the album he is working on.

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