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2011-05-05 - 4:37 p.m.

I talked to PW a bit this morning about producing lots of tracks and about J Martyn's last record. There was a message from Strange Feeling Records. It said

Did you know the title track of Tracey Thorn's new EP 'You Are A Lover' was written by another band on Strange Feeling, The Unbending Trees? We have an ace remix of The Unbending Trees' original version for FREE download, plus a chance to peep at the new video re-edit made especially for the remix.

Click to grab >> http://bit.ly/jo4avZ

There's a also vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN2m2ukCuUs

I thought maybe the Unbending Trees had gone back to Hungary but fortunately not. On that Youtube link you can go through to the Unbending Trees treatment of Gloomy Sunday - the opposite of the Jimmy Smith Oliver Nelson treatment. Maybe I should get the UBT album after all. I mailed PW the vid of Overture which he enjoyed.

I listened to Through the Dark by the Sundays a few times - where did Harriet get those lyrics from? It s the B-side of the single Cry - what a great combination. I wondered whether to go back to the leftovers from yesterday's mixing session - or maybe let them mature a bit?

Andrew K's demos arrived - some tracks not at all what I expected - the playing is very impressive throughout. I loaded the first and tried a few background chords - to check my proposed method as much as anything. Gilbert mailed 4 more parts which quite surprised me. I went round to the polling station and voted (yes).

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